How it works:
First of all, please read this (<click it!).
With all commissions, you will have to e-mail me your idea(s) and explain what you would want to order. Include all the information you would think I need (there is no such thing as too much info!). After I have confirmed that I can do what you are asking, and have told you the price, I will await the payment (half of total price). Note that when payment is made, you are accepting the Terms of Service (which you have already read, right!).
When payment is received, I will start making sketches based on the info I’m given. And I will continue to update you throughout the whole process via e-mail! I would not want you to feel left out and maybe even end up not liking the final product! If you have any questions about the process or anything really, feel free to contact me.

Contact me!